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Association of Friends and Alumni of CEIPI, the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies
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Presentation of AACEIPI


AACEIPI is an association which brings together former CEIPI students and all it's sympathizers.

The Association helps and encourages CEIPI students and young graduates in their professional development.

This is also a privileged place to forge personal links between our members.

Each year, AACEIPI organizes the Graduation Ceremony in Paris followed by a cocktail with the Association's members and partners, as well as regular meetings, both festive and informal.  

The Association also organizes meetings, afterwork evenings and conferences on current topics in intellectual property.


The web platform  aaceipi.reseaudesalumni.fr  offers Association members a network directory of hundreds of IP professionals, job and internship offers, as well as an exchange platform.

If you do not have your login details to access it, send an email to contact@aaceipi.eu

Archive - Activity report for the year 2019: 


A word from the President

Dear friends,


Following our General Assembly on June 3, 2019, the members of the Board Committee

met on June 19, in order to establish the composition of the Bureau.


The Bureau is therefore constituted as follows:
President: Pierre Gendraud

Vice-President: Paul Demay

Treasurer: Natalia Kapyrina

Secretary: Gabrielle Pierre-Lenfant


I invite you to join me in thanking Jérôme Sujkowski very warmly, former President,

who has worked so hard for our Association in recent years.


I also take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you place in us and share with you some important points for AACEIPI in 2020.


AACEIPI was founded in 1966, shortly after the birth of CEIPI. We are an Association that already has a long history, and above all we aim to bring together all those who have followed the teaching of CEIPI, as well as all those who are Friends of CEIPI, that is to say all the families of professionals who work in the field of intellectual property.


2020 will be the year of the implementation of the Pacte law, the challenges of which are in particular to adapt the intellectual property system to new economic practices, to meet the needs of all companies with more flexible access routes and strengthen the robustness of industrial property titles.


Rest assured that AACEIPI will continue to work with the competent authorities, in particular with the INPI, as well as with all the institutions concerned on these subjects: this is one of our priorities.


In addition, we will be keen to offer you quality conferences, in close coordination with CEIPI, with the ambition of anchoring them in your calendars as essential and the meeting place for all our members.


Finally, know that we are involved in raising awareness of the trades around IP among the youngest, in particular among CEIPI students, whether they are lawyers or engineers, doctoral students, but also all students of Grandes Ecoles and of Universities. It seems important to us to make this subject and these professions known to future generations, some of whom, we hope, will perhaps have the joy of celebrating our 100 years later.


Finally, I end these few lines with a call to all our members: you are invited to come forward to our Secretary if you wish to help on a subject that is close to your heart. A number of Commissions have been formed to work on the many topics of intellectual property.


All goodwill is welcome, join us.


Pierre Gendraud

President of AACEIPI

Photo LDB_2021.jpg


The AACEIPI is eager to offer its student members and young practinioner who graduated in any IP field a connection with a professional sponsor / sponsor of intellectual property in order to assist him in his career development.



With a diversified and intergenerational network, AACEIPI offers throughout the year a pairing of young people expressing their desire to benefit from mentoring with people willing to pass on their experience and advice.

The participant fills out a quick online form to be paired with his/her mentor as best as possible, depending on their backgrounds, areas of interest, location, etc.

The mentors agrees to provide the mentoree a disinterested help with opinions and information related to the mentoree's project. He assists him/her in his/her career and advises in his/her workplace integration and lends him/her a benevolent ear throughout this career.

The subjects covered can be varied: professional/personal life balance, international career, interest in a specific  sector of activity or profession, business life codes, female career, soft skills acquisition, how to create, maintain and develop its network, etc.

The mentor listens to the mentoree, but not at his disposal, he gives advice to the extent of his availability.


Be a member of AACEIPI at the start and during participation in the program;

  • For the mentor : Be an experienced professional (minimum 2 years of practice) in IP, as patent engineer, lawyer, IP advisor, professor, etc.


  • For the mentoree : Be currently a student or a graduate in any field of IP practice and have completed their last diploma training (CAPA, CPI, etc.) less than 2 years ago.



For more information, please contact :  parrainage@aaceipi.eu



Members of the association benefit in priority from the activities offered by and for the CEIPI Alumni network:

  • Professional meetings

  • Cocktails, Dinners and Cultural Activities

  • Conferences, Workshops and Webinars

  • Mentoring

  • An ppdated Directory on a networking platform

  • Legal news,

  • Participation to public position statements related to IP

You benefit from personalized access to the network's web platform  aaceipi.reseaudesalumni.fr

The platfom includes a documented directory of hundreds IP professionals, job position and internship offers, and a mentoring matchmaking program.

To join, you must complete the information form available below and pay the subscription, which is € 35 per year.

Secure payment is made online by credit card. If you cannot proceed by online payment, you can send a check to the Treasurer, by contacting him:  tresorier@aaceipi.eu​​